Why Bother With This Website...?

Why Bother...?

What’s the point?

Why bother…?

The internet can be a beautiful place, sometimes, there’s loads of cool shit out there, sometimes it’s too cluttered and surrounded by a million fucking adverts of products you’ve just bought.

If there was a mission statement it would be: To share cool shit that will make you laugh, learn & think.

I’m not going to write about fashion, probably won’t write about beauty, If I wrote about lifestyle you wouldn’t live too long I don’t reckon. Not gonna write about fitness, I won’t give you recipes to cook on a budget, definitely not gonna VLOG! I could talk to you about drinking now that I could help with but I’m not going to do that either.

I would love to travel and write but in all honestly I drink too much to remember where I’ve been and the last thing I can do on a hangover is tap sentences into a keyboard that are of any use to the next person. Plus no hotel is going to pay me to ruin there rooms and upset their guests, naked men holding stolen Pina Coladas don’t make for good trip advisor reviews. 

Auto correct is ruining my ability to spell and write so this is practice at being adult.

In a previous life I was a dropout Media student so I’ll call this a creative output for my previous self.

Anything I find on the internet that’s worth sharing I leave just right here… So you do you…

Hopefully not many people get offended but it’s important someone does...

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