You're going to die, between now and that point, is there something worth doing?

A Dare To Fail Project


A dare to fail project: Me, starting my blog again after 7 years of premium level procrastination and dreaming up the South Coast Drifters .

Why do this? If there was a mission statement for this it would be: To do and not give a fuck. This is my big FU to anxiety, the fear of rejection/failure and mental health issues alike. If I was to die tomorrow my exit interview would go a little something like the fuck you scene from half baked.

What’s the point? I’m not going to write about fashion advice, won’t offer beauty tips, If I wrote about lifestyle advice you would ask for your money back. Not gonna write about fitness, I won’t give you recipes to cook on a budget, no Vlogging! I could talk about drinking but no doubt end up drunk, forget what happened and spend the day procrastinating in the fear and loathing.

I would love to travel and write but in all honestly I lack the basic white bitch attributes plus I drink too much to remember where I’ve been and the last thing I can do on a hangover is construct sentences that are worth noting. Plus no hotel is going to pay me to ruin there rooms, upset their guests, and insult their staff on a budget. (If this isn’t the case please get in touch I may be of some assistance to you…)

The first thing I’m going to talk about is designing, printing and pedalling South Coast Drifters apparel and the struggles that are no doubt involved with trying to sell T shirts to an already crowded market. But I’ve always wanted to do it, so I thought fuck it! why not.

Also: The internet can be a beautiful place, sometimes! There’s loads of cool shit out there, and then sometimes it’s too cluttered with political propaganda, surrounded by a million fucking adverts of shit you’ve already bought.

Anything I find on the internet that’s worth sharing I leave just right here, clean and advert free…

What is a dare to fail project? So the way I figure it, you don’t get anywhere in life without failing or making mistakes. No one learns straight off the bat, if anyone tells you otherwise they’re full of BS. I’ve had far too many ideas (great ones If I don’t say so myself!) that I’ve never bothered with, what I can only put down to is a fear of rejection or failure. So that being said, I figure If I try something and it fails as least I tried and I would of finally failed at something (win). If it works then great it worked (win). And anything in between I can only imagine I’ll learn something (call it a draw). Just to be clear I’ve failed at loads of shit, loads of shitty things but they were never big ideas, more like failing to pass a breathalyzer test, or failing to convince her that it is ok and it happens to all the guys or failing at the work hard, play hard life balance I’ll be fine for Monday trick.

What is South Coast Drifter apparel? South Coast Drifters is a clothing brand dedicated to creating a community of like minded individuals to help those less fortunate. We’ll be fun, edgy, provocative, relatable and classy. We’ll produce quality garments, focused on thoughtful designs and spreading awareness by unconventional means.

We want to inspire people to help others around them. SCD wants to leave this world in a better place than when we start.

The big idea is we only rise by lifting others, so we want to use the strength and influence of a brand and a community to encourage a different way of thinking, an attitude towards others that promotes helping those that may have less than you but to still have fun in the process.

When people are seen with their favourite brands, they’re saying that their core beliefs are aligned, you think of Nike just do it, Adidas impossible is nothing, Vans off the wall, Apple think different. Well South Coast Drifters are for those travellers who have opened their mind up , it’s for all those rebellious souls that love to live, party, travel, make new connections, experience the weird and wonderful but it’s also for those that give a damn about the world we live in and the people we’re surrounded by and believe it can be done a different way, they believe there’s more to life than taxes and death. More to come on this….

Other reasons: Auto correct is ruining my ability to spell and write so this is practice at being adult…

In a previous life I was a dropout Media student so I’ll call this a creative output for the me than never was…

Build a platform to launch future rap career…

Hopefully not many people get offended but it’s important someone does...

Peace, love + Rock’n’Roll… SM

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